Kizhi - Ayurvedic Treatment for sports Injuries and Muscular Atrophy

kizhi Kizhi means bundle in Malayalam. This treatment is meant to induce perspiration. Bundles are made out of herbal powders, leafs and a special variety of rice. Kizhi treatments start with oil application. Patient lying on a wooden table is given oil application on head and body. Then kizhi is heated in a pan with suitable fluids or oils and applied on patient´s body by therapeutic assistants standing on either side of the table. One therapist is engaged in heating the kizhi. Usually eight or four or two kizhis are prepared as per the requirement and half of them are heated while the others are used for oil application on the patient´s body. It is applied in such a way that the kizhi reaches all parts of the body except face and head.


In Elakizhi instead of herbal powders, herbal leaves is used and procedure is similar to Podikizhi.


Fomentation done with a bundle of medicinal powder tied in instead of herbal leaves tied with cotton cloth.


Navara rice is boiled and cooked in the mixture of milk and a decoction. This is then packed in cloth and tied into bundle .The patient has to lie on the table on his back after oil application on his head and body. Navarakizhi is heated in the same liquid mixture and taken in a vessel and are applied on patients body after checking the temperature. The therapy is done until the cloth bundle becomes empty.


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